ENHANCING NATIONAL SECURITY: Warriors Recruiting Staffs DHS ICE’s Counter Terrorism Biometric Scanning Program

DHS ICE OSDSS – Operations and Solutions Delivery Support Services


From 2018 to 2019, our client, an IT and Cyber Security Government contractor comprised of about 300 employees, supported the Dept. of Homeland Security, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, Operations and Solutions Delivery Support Services (DHSICE OSDSS) Program. The team was responsible for: providing technical support; performing agile software development for Counter Terrorism biometric scanners; and, maintaining and optimizing ICE telecommunication equipment and datacenters.  

The Pain

Our client was struggling to identify a pool of qualified candidates who met the technical requirements using conventional methods (such as: job postings, website applications, internal recruiting team). The DHS EOD security screening is a lengthy process, and our client was experiencing candidate disengagement throughout the extensive clearance process. Additionally, the staff needed Senior-level technical professionals to include: Enterprise Architects, Application Infrastructure Developers, Cloud Developers, iOS Developers, Database Engineers, Virtualization Systems Admins, SharePoint and Azure Engineers.


  • Staff the program requiring 25+ full-time technical employees.
  • Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to meet all (10-15) Federal government requirements to include a combination of education, certifications, AND specific skills/ experience with the designated technologies to be in compliance with specified government LCATs.
  • Each candidate submitted for consideration must be able to obtain an ICE Badge (DHS clearance) prior to beginning work.


  • Submitted 130 highly qualified candidates for review that met the specific criteria required by USCIS (LCATs).
  • Coordinated & scheduled over 70 phone, virtual and personal interviews.
  • Staffed 24 new, Full-Time Employees supporting the OSDSS contract on the client’s payroll.


Due to the combined efforts and teamwork between the Warriors Recruiting engine and our client’s hiring team, the OSDSS program was successfully fully staffed. We continued to maintain the team and support OSDSS staffing efforts until our client was acquired in 2019. Warriors was able to effectively staff the most challenging technical positions requiring a rare combination of professional skills, education and clearances, as well as successfully place candidates in technical key roles and leadership positions on the contract.

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