The Value of Using a Good Recruiter

Am I good Recruiter?  Well I’d like to think so. I’m still new but feel free to take shots in the comments section if you disagree!

But what makes a Recruiter, a GOOD Recruiter?   To me a good Recruiter is someone who communicates with you effectively and does everything they can to help you land a new job.  A good Recruiter listens to you and understands that you’re going to do whatever is best for you.  Believe it or not, as a Recruiter I genuinely want what is best for you too. The last thing I want to do is put someone in a situation that they don’t want to be in.

I recommend using a good Recruiter every time you consider testing the job market.  This also applies to employers looking for Good Recruiters to support their open jobs. Here’s why:

  1. Information: I have valuable information that can help separate you from the competition and ultimately better prepare you for each step in the hiring process. Anyone who has ever visited a company website or job posting and applied for a position, surely has some questions that the job description cannot answer. Some postings are more detailed than others, but a Recruiter can give you the inside scoop on pretty much anything you’d want to know before speaking with the hiring team.

    My information saves you time.  I tell you things about the company you may not know.  Probably share why the job is really open.  Additionally, a good Recruiter knows the truth about salary ranges, actual job location, and whether you can work from home or must fight traffic to get to work.   Importantly, I know which of the job’s “requirements” are really required.  You may be a close enough match for a job that, with a little nudge from your good Recruiter, a hiring team selects you for an interview.    Too often I notice candidates reviewing a job description, see a “required” skill they don’t have, and rule themselves out.   Don’t do that!  Use a good Recruiter.
  2. I will fight for you. Nothing worse than submitting a resume through a job board abyss, and never hearing back.    Or interviewing for a job, and weeks later still not knowing why you didn’t get the job.   Good Recruiters make sure you get feedback in a timely manner, and if the feedback is slow, we are going to tell you why it’s slow.   A good Recruiter will always keep you informed.  I’ve had candidates get rejected by the hiring team right away and after a little fighting for my candidates, scheduled 2nd interviews that landed job offers.  I will fight for another chance for you.

    Last year I received the following response to one of my candidate’s resumes: “Not detailed enough and didn’t really show enough of what he was actually doing at each of his positions. Thanks for sending, but we’ll pass.” – Big Company’s Software Engineering Hiring Team

    Rather than saying, “Oh well, I guess he’s out,” I reached out to the candidate and shared this feedback.   We got down to the real details of his ongoing work, and I convinced him to add more detail to his resume.  We sent him back over for a second look, and not only did he end up getting interviewed, he was offered the job and accepted an offer!   Today, he loves his job and if you asked him, he’d say he was glad to have utilized a good Recruiter in his job search.
  3. I’m FREE! If you’re transparent with me, have a good personality, follow through on interviews, and prove to be reliable, you will have a good Recruiter for life!   And your good Recruiter comes free of charge (batteries not included).   I make money from the Companies with job openings, they pay us to help them recruit.   I have worked with some candidates on 4 or 5 different opportunities all stemming from the first time we connected.    

    I’ve actually had candidates offer me jobs before because we had gotten along so well.  (What’s up Marlon, you reading this? If you got your company started up, give me a shout. I’m still interested in hearing about it!)    

    What do I mean by Transparency?  Simple.  Let me know what’s going on with your other opportunities.   Be honest with me about your commitment to change job, about compensation, and how far you’ll commute.  I’m going to be honest with my clients, and also with you.    Perhaps I can help facilitate a better offer than the one you have in your back pocket.  Or maybe I can’t – I’ll tell you either way.  

To sum it all up:

A good Recruiter will provide you with valuable information you wouldn’t ordinarily receive and help you get hired. A good Recruiter will fight for you whenever there is push-back, or a client is moving a little slower than anticipated. A good Recruiter remembers candidates who are transparent and will always be willing to do whatever they can to help put that person to work.

Fortunately for me and for you the candidate, I work with a whole team of good Recruiters, the Warriors Team. If you ever find yourself in the job market, check out our postings and upload your resume to our website. We’ll have one of our Warriors Recruiters reach out.

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