Time to Engage a Recruiting Firm?

Is it time to engage a Recruiting firm?

So your business is steadily growing.    You’ve built a healthy base of customers and your service is in demand.    Payroll is no longer your #1 concern – finding qualified people to join your company is the most significant challenge now.   Congratulations!   You’re competing in the game of business in 2019.    It matters not what industry you’re in, today’s vibrant economy has turned into a seller’s market for software engineers, nurses, truck drivers and more.    To win in today’s business climate, you must build a pipeline of talented human beings who fit your culture and buy into your vision.    You have options.  Hiring an internal Recruiter, spending some money on job boards, increasing your Employee Referral program may work.    Or what you really might need is a secret weapon, a high powered recruiting firm you trust to serve as an extension of your company.    (More on how to find this firm another time.)

But how do you know if it’s time to partner with a Recruiting firm?   Here are 5 signs the time is NOW:

  1. Staffing is keeping you up at night.
  2. You are losing revenue every day due to open positions.
  3. You’ve clearly exhausted your personal friends and family network of employee referrals.
  4. Your Human Resources Administrator is also your Recruiter.   And it’s not working.
  5. You actually pay attention to commercials for Monster.com and Indeed, and wonder if they could solve your problems.

Teaming up with a Recruiting firm brings its own challenges.   It costs money, there’s no guarantee that it will work, and it can be difficult to find the right “match”.    Recruiters often get lumped into buckets with car salesman and lawyers for their usefulness.   But if you can find the right one, a recruiting firm whose motivation is to help you grow your business for a reasonable investment, your Recruiter will provide you the competitive advantage you need to build a pipeline of talent.   And help you rest easier at night.

Next week we will explore how to find the right Recruiting firm for your business.

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