Executive Search

Executive Search

Warriors will identify and present the highly qualified candidates you cannot find for high demand positions. We do it on a contingent fee basis.

“You have been key to my success over the last 10 years in ways that you can’t even imagine. While details can never be shared, the teams you and Warriors have assembled for me to lead have kept countless American lives safe.”

Paul G.
Program Manager - Leading Defense Contractor

Executive Search is a contingent fee, direct hire service.  After you hire the candidate recruited by Warriors to your payroll, Warriors earns a Success Fee equal to 20% of the candidate’s first-year salary. If we don’t fill your job, no fee is ever due.

Our Executive Search service is a great way to engage the Warriors Engine on a trial-basis, absent upfront costs.  This service line is ideal for positions causing serious financial pain or tough, unfilled jobs hindering the growth of your business.   Warriors provides an elite team of dedicated recruiters with experience targeting hard-to-find candidates to staff challenging positions efficiently.

How it Works

  1. You provide Warriors a solid job description.
  2. Warriors schedules a quick Intake session with the hiring managers to fully understand your business needs.
  3. Warriors unleashes our HUNTERS.  We track down skilled team members matching your requirements, and submit qualified  candidates to your team for review.
  4. Provide your availability to Interview candidates, and Warriors will schedule within 24 hours.
  5. You interview and HIRE. (Warriors will help negotiate compensation and collect offer letters!)

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