A SPEDI SUCCESS: Warriors Delivers Rapid Results for DHS USCIS with Precision and Efficiency



In 2016, our great client secured a prestigious $208 million contract (SPEDI)supporting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Office of Information Technology (OIT) infrastructure. Our client was tasked with taking a traditional siloed system and transitioning it into a modernized, scalable, cloud-based environment fueled by cutting-edge DevOps methodologies. This included critical services such as: Infrastructure Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and Security Assessments to support the agency's mission.

Program Details:

The Support Platform Engineering and DevOps Integration (SPEDI) aims to increase efficiency and security through innovatively applying agile, DevOps and cloud; to produce higher quality services and products at a lower cost.

Client Pain:

Our client was facing the Herculean task of identifying and hiring 95+ top-tier engineers, developers, and security experts with a strict deadline. They faced the dual challenge of meeting high-demand needs and navigating the lengthy DHS clearance processes


·       Fill all 95 key positions on the DHS USCIS SPEDI contract within the 90-         day deadline

·       Identify professional talent possessing the hard requirements for each         position including IT/ Engineering skills, technology degrees, and DHS         clearances.

Objective & Deadline:

·       90Days


·       Efficiently sourced and submitted 310 highly qualified IT and Engineering         professionals who met the LCAT requirements for each position in under         90 days.

·       Successfully placed 98 Full-Time IT and Engineering employees on the         DHS SPEDI contract, filling all key roles by the deadline.

·       Less than a year later, our great client was acquired by another large         government contractor for $180M.

As a testament to our expertise in navigating difficult recruiting landscapes with unforgiving time constraints, Warriors continues to remain a partner of choice for organizations seeking strategic talent acquisition solutions. Join us and experience firsthand the transformative impact of our services and dedication to excellence.

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