United States Military Entrance Processing Command


Warriors Recruiting and our great client began a partnership in January 2020 where Warriors has since been supporting the majority of the teams recruiting needs. In Fall 2020, our client informed the Warriors team they would be bidding on a proposal in November 2020 for the USMEPCOM program and requested urgent recruiting support for the proposal. Our client won the bid as a prime, utilizing players that Warriors identified as key personnel.  Warriors was then tasked with staffing all 50+ position openings on the contract as quickly as possible.


USMEPCOM, which stands for United States Military Entrance Processing Command, is a Major Command of the United States (U.S.) Department of Defense (DoD responsible for screening and processing applicants into the U.S. Armed Forces. USMEPCOM is the vital link between recruiting and training armed forces. It is headquartered in North Chicago, IL and operates 65 Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) throughout the U.S.


The mission for this assignment broke down into two separate stages – proposal prep & contract staffing:

STAGE 1: PROPOSAL: Identify highly qualified candidates for all potential available positions to set up our client to WIN. Some of the positions included:

  • Project Managers (specializing in Technical Refresh, PMO, Cloud AWS,
    procurement, software systems)
  • Engineering Lead
  • Integrated Master Schedulers
  • Finance / Program Analysts
  • Systems Administrators (multiple levels of expertise)
  • QA Automation Testers
  • VTC Administrators
  • ServiceNow Developers
  • Computer Architects
  • IT Training and Development Specialists
  • Cloud Amazon Web Service Programmers
  • Oracle Database Administrators
  • ITSM Support Developers
  • Software/ Application Developers
  • Network Engineers (including Architects, Cisco-specialized, ServiceNow, and Firewall Support)
  • Technical Writers/ Release Managers/ Change Managers

Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to have a minimum DoD Secret clearance and match the necessary job requirements set by the government.

STAGE 2: Contract Staffing: If/ When awarded the USMEPCOM contract as Prime, Warriors will vet both current incumbents on the contract and newly identified candidates to fill the 60+ job openings (same skill sets listed above). Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to have a minimum DoD Secret clearance and match the necessary job requirements set by the government.

Objective & Deadline

Proposal Deadline: November 2020
Contract Award Date: Late February 2021
Warriors Recruiting Begins: March 9, 2021
Staffing Deadline: ALL positions filled w/ USMEPCOM (AWESOME CLIENT #1) & contract fully staffed by May 2021


Proposal Win:

Warriors Recruiting identified a highly qualified Engineering Lead as one of the main Key Personnel who was hired by our client within 3 days of being initially contacted. This candidate helped with the writing process of the proposal and helped present the proposal in November which set the up to win.

USMEPCOM Staffing Win:

Here is what we accomplished:

  • Warriors submitted 177 highly qualified candidates for review. Each of these candidates met ALL of the specific criteria required by USMEPCOM to be considered for each position – including a minimum DoD Secret clearance.
  • Warriors coordinated & scheduled over 116 phone, virtual and personal interviews between the hiring team & prospective candidates
  • Warriors successfully collected 63 signed offers of employment supporting positions on the USMEPCOM contract
  • Due directly to Warriors’ recruiting efforts, our client currently has 54 new, full-time employees supporting the USMEPCOM contract on their payroll
  • All positions fully staffed on USMEPCOM contract by May 2021 – we met our deadline!
  • Due to our success, Warriors provides continuous recruiting support to on the USMEPCOM contract


Due to the partnership, our client was able to quickly identify a knowledgeable candidate who helped their team prepare & present the USMPECOM proposal to the government - ultimately leading to a contract WIN. Once the contract was awarded, our client assigned the 60+ openings to the Warriors Recruiting team with clear expectations – the jobs needed to be filled immediately. Within two (2) months, the USMEPCOM contract was fully staffed with cleared and highly qualified candidates (including some incumbents). Presently, our client continues to rely on Warriors Recruiting for their USMEPCOM staffing needs.

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