NASA ITSS II Contract: How Warriors Recruiting’s Team Efforts and Teamwork Secured the Win

Information Technology Support Services II (ITSS II)


In Spring 2021, one of our clients, a Defense and Space contractor comprised of about 201-500 employees, informed us that the contract-term for the NASA ITSS2 contract, in which they were the Prime, was coming to an end. They were under pressure to fill their current openings to set them up for success on the new contract bid, so they requested immediate recruiting support.

Program Details

The Information Technology Support Services II (ITSS II) contract provides IT support to the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) in Cape Canaveral, FL.

The Pain

Our client was failing to meet milestones & contract-deliverables, and NASA was threatening to give them a bad CPAR review. Because they were the prime on the NASA ITSS2 contract, this was a strategic account for our client with a contract recompete looming 5-months ahead. Due to this, there was heavy pressure put on our client’s staff leading to resignations on the team.


  1. Fill the 11 assigned positions supporting the NASA ITSS II contract
  2. Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to meet all (10-15) Federal government requirements to include a combination of education, certifications, AND specific skills/ experience with the designated technologies in order to comply with the government’s LCATs.
  3. Each candidate submitted for consideration must be able to obtain a NASA Public Trust clearance prior to beginning work.

Objective & Deadline

30 Days


  • Submitted 60 highly qualified candidates for review that met the specific criteria required by NASA
  • Coordinated & scheduled over 30 phone, virtual and personal interviews
  • Collected 7 signed offers of employment for positions on the ITSS II contract prior to the
    contract-bid’s due date in July 2021
  • Our client currently has 5 new Full Time Employees supporting the ITSS II contract on their payroll
  • NASA selected our client to be the Prime contractor for the ITSS III contract


Due to the combined efforts and teamwork between the Warriors Recruiting engine and our client’s hiring team, our client was able to successfully and confidently enter their contract-bid on the NASA ITSS II contract by the July 2021 deadline. Warriors was able to fill most of the difficult technical positions with rare skillsets, as well as the technical leadership positions that had previously been vacant for long periods of time. After weeks of waiting to hear the final result, NASA selected our client to be the Prime contractor on the Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) II contract. It has a potential value of approximately $48 million with a 5-year period of performance (see article HERE)

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