In September 2019, one of our clients, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business who delivers ERP implementation services to the Federal government, informed us they had recently been awarded a contract supporting the US Department of State’s Intelligence and Research Information Support System (INRISS) program. They were on a strict deadline to fill some very difficult IT positions with TS/SCI clearance requirements, and they enlisted our recruiting support immediately.

Program Details

The Intelligence and Research Information Support System (INRISS) is the primary information processing system utilized in the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. This system is how all the different departments of the Intelligence Community communicate intelligence information with one another other; therefore, it is imperative that this system is secure and always operating at top efficiency. This program gives all INRISS end-users the ability to access IT infrastructure support within a virtual desktop environment.

The Pain

Northrop Grumman had been the Prime on the contract for the previous 25-years, and the change in Prime meant finding backfills for currently filled positions (in the case of incumbents not wanting to stay on with our client), as well as identifying the top TS/SCI-cleared, IT talent for the new contract-openings. Our client needed to demonstrate that they could stand toe-to-toe with one of the largest government IT-contracting firms and perform with great success.


  1. Fill the 35 assigned positions supporting the DoS - INRISS contract
  2. Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to have a Top Secret/ SCI clearance and be read onto the INRISS program prior to beginning work
  3. Each candidate submitted for consideration needs to meet the specific education, certification, and years of experience requirements indicated for each individual position

Objective & Deadline

60 Days

Our Results

  • Submitted a total of 229 highly qualified candidates for review that met the DoS job & clearance requirements
  • Coordinated & scheduled over 156 phone, virtual and personal interviews
  • Collected 49 signed offers of employment for positions supporting DoS - INRISS
  • Our client currently has 39 new, Full Time Employees supporting DoS - INRISS on their payroll
  • Warriors Recruiting continues to support all recruiting efforts for our customer on the INRISS program (2+ years)


Due to the combined efforts and teamwork between the Warriors Recruiting engine and our client’s hiring team, our client was able to successfully staff all the required INRISS openings with TS/SCI-cleared, highly qualified IT candidates by the 60-day deadline to include: Cyber Security Engineers, Network Engineers, Systems, Engineers, PMs, & IT Techs. For a small business to compete against one of the top-ranked IT government contracting firms and - not only win, but also produce huge results - that is a true success story and a testament to one of Warriors’ core values – Teamwork -Teams Win.

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